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Spring 2020 Update

Posted 4/18/2020 11:01am by Whitman.

Hello folks,

We hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy in these challenging times.

I thought that I would give an update about the status of products and how we are dealing with the corona virus.

First, I would like to say that in the past 3 weeks we have sold more than 3 months worth of meats. This may sound great for us but it has caused some issues for us and our regular customers. It takes 20 months for a calf to be ready for slaughter and 6 months for a hog and there is nothing that can be done to speed this up. So... here is a list of what we have and when we hope to have more.

Chicken: We are currently out of chicken (except for backs which are good for soup and broth). We will have more chicken the 4th week of June.

Beef: We have a very limited supply of beef (mostly ground) and will have more in early July.

Pork: We have a limited supply and will have more in early August.

Lamb: We have a limited supply and will have more the 3rd week of May

Eggs: We are currently collecting and selling 10-12 dozen per day (we could be selling 30 dozen as sales are crazy). We have added some more laying hens but they will not start producing for another month.

Vegetables: It is still early (and cold!). We are producing a small amount of spinach, kale and pea shoots at this time. More is on the way.

Thank you for support. We encourage all of you to become more aware of where your food comes from and support small farms in your area. Regular customers are what we all base our future production on, so it is important to support local agriculture in good times if you want it to be there in bad times.

Take care,


Peter & Diane






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