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Meats Re-stocked!

Posted 8/21/2020 11:52am by Whitman.

Hi folks!  

We are finally starting to get back to "normal" in the meat department although it is still a challenge. Since the Covid outbreak local food (especially meat) producers and systems continue to face challenges to meet the demand for locally raised products. Slaughter facilities throughout the Northeast are booking out up to 18 months as opposed to the normal 1-2 months. This means we are not able to get animals processed when we normally would and we have to hold onto them (and keep feeding them).

The good news is the we now have Beef, Chicken and Lamb restocked in our freezers and we should have pork in 1-2 weeks!!


Thank you for your understanding and encouragement! We appreciate it!!

And thanks as always to our customers who have regularly supported us and other small farms. One thing this pandemic has shown is the danger of having a food system in place where huge national meat packing facilities control such a large portion of our food supply (over 90%).

Take care!


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